Your Visit

Ready for your first visit? Save time at check-in by downloading and completing our patient intake forms.

New situations can be difficult for children and we know it’s important to make your child’s first visit as positive and pleasant as possible. We want you and your child to enjoy getting to know our doctors and staff, and to be comfortable at all times. A successful first visit builds trust and helps put you and your child at ease during future dental visits. Our doctors and staff will explain everything in detail and will answer any questions you or your child have.


During your first visit, we’ll record your child’s dental and medical history and complete a cavities risk assessment based on the information you supply. A comprehensive examination then follows. We’ll also review with you and your child the importance of maintaining a good oral hygiene program to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile for life!


Nothing is ever “forced” in our office, so if your child is not cooperative that day, no biggie! We’ll send you home with a mouth mirror to practice and reschedule your appointment for another day. We want your child to be happy just as much as you do! We know that cooperation levels can vary day to day.